The Second District and its charming location 

This city region is a unique experience for itself. In Vienna Second District, you have an opportunity to stay on an island and still be in a very central area of the city – fully connected by subway, tram and bus. You can easily reach the city center and the most famous sightseeing of Vienna, even walking if you don’t have to hurry.

In terms of sightseeing, we have very near to us the Augarten, one of Vienna′s finest Baroque parks. Other places of interest include the Wiener Prater (from Latin pratum “meadow”), former imperial hunting grounds to which the public was denied access until 1766. The area of the Prater closest to the city centre contains a large amusement park, known as the Volksprater (“People’s Prater”) or Wurstelprater (after the Harlequin-type figure of Hanswurst), and at its entrance there is the giant Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel opened in 1897 which features prominently in the movie The Third Man and which has become one of Vienna’s trademarks. The Schweizerhaus (“Swiss Hut”), an establishment boasting a huge beer garden, sells the original Czech Budweiser draught beer. The owners claim that, back in the 1920s, the potato crisp was invented there. Nearby you can find the “Republic of Kugelmugel”, a micronation proclaimed in 1984 that became a landmark of the area.

But the second district is also made of art, gastronomy, sport and enjoyment. The Donaukanal (“Danube Canal”) is a former arm of the river Danube where you can find along it banks restaurants, bars, boats and a incredible cicleway. If you like graffiti this is also a perfect spot.


If you want to use the subway to explore Vienna, this is an excellent choice: near to us there is a subway station, connection you to the whole city. You can also use the bus or the tram to get to us – the Second District is fully connected.

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